"Embrace life’s beauty, the skill of balance, the unique boldness you possess and the ability to stand out in your authentic brilliance."
I believe that life is meant to be lived purposefully and passionately, not endured as the time passes. As women, we play many roles in life, sometimes juggling the different roles at the same time. We pour ourselves into our roles, either personally or professionally (or both!), all the while struggling to maintain balance, peace and fulfillment.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You can create a life you love through intentional living and by leaning into your authentic self. I work with women to be more effective in their many leadership roles by learning how to self-lead. To create your life success, you must first create yourself!

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“The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.”
Self-leadership is having the openness to listen and learn, ability to empower one’s self, and to desire to live authentically. One must also be determined, grow even more emotionally intelligent as well as develop and practice resilience, leadership presence and community impact.

My passion lies in helping women lean into their power, recognize and embrace their unique gifts and talents and gain confidence to stand up and live and lead with authenticity. As a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Leadership and Life-Balance, I encourage clients to shift limiting beliefs, insecurities and self-doubt. Through self-leadership coaching, the woman leader learns to remove blocks, set intentions, and build self-care habits into her day. To create a life filled with self-confidence, self-worth and self-love, I gently challenge the woman leader to discover and embrace her purpose to create her SELF.

What Clients Have To Say

  • Mathguynj300
    So much care in these episodes. AliceAnne Loftus is a fantastic coach and she brings so much care and compassion to this podcast. She knows how to deliver the hard message and help entrepreneurs get out of their way to get the success they want. There is tremendous value in this podcast. You will learn something for sure.
  • Shelli42
    Do NOT miss this podcast! AliceAnne and our Leading Lady Community have been a lifeline for me through this pandemic. Each session has been authentic, informative, made me laugh and cry! I can't wait for my Wednesday morning walk each week so I can listen, learn, and be inspired.
  • KarimaDD
    An amazing woman! AliceAnne is one of the most loving, generous, authentic women that I know! She's genuinely passionate about helping other women succeed to the point that she's made it her life's mission. Not only has she supported me on my journey as an entrepreneur but I continue to watch her help others on a daily basis. Her expertise in leadership and coaching is apparent in everything that she does. I'm so grateful to now have this podcast as an extension of her work and a place I can turn to for advice when I need it.
  • Ali M.
    Thanks to the masterclass, I realized what aspects of my business were productive and which aspects were getting in my way personally and professionally. The guidance I got helped me realize the next steps I needed to take and how to handle the challenges along the way.
    Ali M.
  • Michelle L.
    I was able to achieve the clarity I needed to make a life changing decision. I gained the courage and confidence to move forward and build a business based on my values and my own terms. I experienced immediate success and thanks to the masterclass, I now have a business that I love and a fantastic network of supporters and friends whom I never would have met if I had not enrolled in the Leading Lady Masterclass.
    Michelle L.
  • Karen M.
    Thanks to the masterclass, I have found my authentic self, my true core values, and am pursuing a dream career and life that aligns with who I am. ????
    Karen M.
  • Tara D.
    AliceAnne’s Masterclass helped me become a more confident leader. Thanks to the support from her and the other class members, I learned how to develop a positive leadership style and have improved the relationship that I have with my team and that they have with each other.
    Tara D.
  • Brooke Shivers
    AliceAnne is a compassionate and insightful Coach. Throughout my time working with her, I learned about myself in ways I had never imagined. AliceAnne is transparent, brings forth ideas and suggestions in a non-threatening way, and appropriately challenges your thinking by asking tough questions and coaching you to get to the answers. I value AliceAnne and her professional, fun, and caring character. If you're struggling with finding your way, making a big decision, or starting something big, AliceAnne can be the unbiased and helpful voice to get you through it. I am thankful for her! 
    Brooke Shivers
  • Danielle Lofland
    I began looking for someone to work with one-on-one, as I was feeling something was missing in my entrepreneurial journey.  I began coaching with AliceAnne Loftus in November 2018 and immediately began to learn more about myself and changing my perspective and outlook.  As part of my goals, I was also looking for a Masterclass.  I wanted a group experience where I could continue to learn about myself, but also share business ideas and success!  I found the Leading Ladies Masterclass and began in January 2019. The experience with both programs has changed my mindset, business outlook, and has helped me define success beyond revenue and profitability.  I truly have shifted from managing to leading my staff.  I am able to see the positive in every situation and possibilities! I can't thank AliceAnne enough for her tough conversations, listening ear and her willingness to allow me to work through my challenges with her guidance.  I am also thankful for all of the wonderful friendships and relationships I have developed through my Masterclass experience.  Life changing!
    Danielle Lofland
  • Cherie Nanchelle Arscott
    AliceAnne Loftus is professional, positive and compassionate life coach. I would recommend her as a to anyone that needs help finding a direction, setting goals or just to bounce ideas off of. She’s ambitious, fun -loving and has a lovely personality. I highly recommend.
    Cherie Nanchelle Arscott
  • Karen Richmond Murphy
    I absolutely love working with AliceAnne. She is incredibly perceptive and knew more about me than I knew about myself after our first couple of sessions! She is helping me navigate some tough decisions and helping me discover my strengths and areas of improvement. She has given me great tools to use in tough situations that work specifically for me. I am so glad I came across AliceAnne and her business and I am looking forward to more coaching sessions so I can continue to improve. I was told working with AliceAnne would be life changing and it certainly has been so far!
    Karen Richmond Murphy
  • Tina Alta Greenlea
    AliceAnne shared some amazingly accurate insights with me about myself during an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) debrief. All I can say is WOW! She was very encouraging, kind, and non-judgemental as we went through this process. Not only did I learn a lot about myself but she shared some of her own experiences with me to help me see some additional perspectives and possibilities. If you get a chance to hire her as a Coach - do it! She is AMAZING!
    Tina Alta Greenlea
  • Leanne Wild
    AliceAnne is an intuitive coach whose style of questioning helps to broaden perspective and reframe daily challenges in a way that nurtures personal growth, development and success. She brings fun into her coaching and also provides encouragement and support whereby you know she is rooting for you 100%. I highly recommend working with AliceAnne and experiencing how as a professionally trained coach she breaks down your challenges with you into bite sized choices totally within your control.
    Leanne Wild
  • Sophia Hardesty
    I cannot say enough positive things about AliceAnne Loftus' coaching abilities. She helped me to achieve the goals I put off for far too long, a healthy mindset towards the nonstop responsibilities of a business owner, tools to cope with sometimes crippling anxiety and fear, and the work-life balance I've been striving for, for quite some time. Let me explain.AliceAnne's coaching is invaluable to anyone in leadership, and I hope others take the opportunity to experience her life-altering presence, as I have.
    Sophia Hardesty

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