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Some of the things I love most about being a Leading Lady Ambassador are my ability to connect with other women of character, be inspired by them, and offer inspiration to others. To me, this is what being a Leading Lady is all about… forming a network with other women and pursuing business and leadership goals together.

My business, Lean on Dee Senior Care Advocates, was born from the realization that the senior community, especially the segment affected by dementia, needs resources and support from the rest of us.  You see, my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and at the time, I felt I had nowhere to turn as her caregiver to find the help and resources I needed.

When I started Lean on Dee with my sister, we focused on check-in services, placement assistance, and help with doctor visits.  Our reception was okay, but business results were lukewarm.  We had to pivot if we were to survive.  Going back to the original reason for founding the business, we became certified as dementia specialists and focused on dementia home visits. 

We work with cognitive issues common to dementia and frustrating for families to deal with.  We have strategic goals for 2021 and will achieve those goals… adjusting, as necessary.  Learning to be flexible and resilient in these times will make all the difference in your success.

As women business owners, we must recognize when our plans need adjustment.  Not everything works out from the beginning as planned.  As difficult as it may be we need to be honest with ourselves when things aren’t working out and pivot our direction.

My advice to business owners starting up in these turbulent times would be to pay attention when they feel the business is slow or struggling.  Keep in mind that very few people start out and are immediately successful with their original plan.  It’s easy to feel like giving up but remember that your breakthrough may be just around the corner. 

Know what you’re selling, believe in your product, and believe in yourself.  Remember that we all have a duty to help others.  That’s the sweet spot in business!

– Winsome Brown

Ambassadors are vetted businesses that I have personally/professionally worked with and who have all committed to support the Leading Lady community through their specific industry!

These women have established themselves as experts in their field and have proven to not only be a tremendous resource to our community, but also a network of empowered women who empower women.

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