Leadership Masterclass

and take the LEAD of your life!

Join HUNDREDS of HIGH-ACHIEVING women and take the LEAD in your life!

A six month group coaching program with an in-depth focus on mission, vision and values that align with your goals both personally and professionally enabling you to lead authentically and at your BEST!

Before I get into all the details,
I want to show you something first!

Before I get into all the details, I want to show you something first!

- Danielle Lofland -

“I began looking for someone to work with one-on-one, as I was feeling something was missing in my entrepreneurial journey.  I began coaching with AliceAnne Loftus in November 2018 and immediately began to learn more about myself and changing my perspective and outlook.  As part of my goals, I was also looking for a Masterclass.  I wanted a group experience where I could continue to learn about myself, but also share business ideas and success!  I found the Leading Ladies Masterclass and began in January 2019.

The experience with both programs has changed my mindset, business outlook, and has helped me define success beyond revenue and profitability.  I truly have shifted from managing to leading my staff.  

I am able to see the positive in every situation and possibilities! I can’t thank AliceAnne enough for her tough conversations, listening ear and her willingness to allow me to work through my challenges with her guidance.  I am also thankful for all of the wonderful friendships and relationships I have developed through my Masterclass experience.  Life changing!”

You caught that right! She achieved BALANCED leadership.

She mastered work-life balance, while working smarter, not harder. She got it ALL, on her terms.

I'm going to help YOU do the same!
How would you like to:

A portrait of AliceAnne Loftus.

Hi there! I'm AliceAnne,
the Lady behind the
Leadership Masterclass!

Hi there! I'm AliceAnne, the Lady behind the Leadership Masterclass!

As a woman in leadership and also having small businesses, I have found that it’s often difficult to find a community that understands the unique challenges in this type of leadership. I wanted to create a safe space, where women work together to identify their own unique leadership presence, while focusing on the strategic objectives needed to keep businesses/organizations moving forward. 

The power of group coaching is invaluable as we are either the student or the teacher in every experience, and when we can combine our experiences, share our resources and connect in meaningful ways, we truly live the motto “Empowered women, empower women.”

I was once where you are this very second!

My passion lies in helping women lean into their power, recognize and embrace their unique gifts and talents and gain confidence to stand up and live and lead with authenticity. As a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Leadership and Life-Balance, I encourage clients to shift limiting beliefs, insecurities and self-doubt. Through self-leadership coaching, the woman leader learns to remove blocks, set intentions, and build self-care habits into her day. To create a life filled with self-confidence, self-worth and self-love, I gently challenge the woman leader to discover and embrace her purpose to create her SELF.

Now, I want to help you do the same!


The Leading Lady submark.



A 6 month group coaching program with an in-depth focus on mission, vision and values that align with your goals both personally and professionally enabling you to lead authentically and at your BEST!

Are you ready to get results like these?

A portrait of Sara Heilman


“Thanks to the Masterclass, my health and nutrition business is no longer a side hustle but a full time career! I was able to achieve 600% growth within my business within the first year of taking the Masterclass, because of the connections I made and the coaching I received!

AliceAnne is a wealth of knowledge. Her training sessions efficiently provide practical knowledge that can be applied not only professionally, but personally as well. I recommend any professional looking to grow and challenge themselves schedule a consult with AliceAnne.

- GALA M -

A portrait of Tara de Leon.

- TARA D -

AliceAnne’s Masterclass helped me become a more confident leader. Thanks to the support from her and the other class members, I learned how to develop a positive leadership style and have improved the relationship that I have with my team and that they have with each other.

“Thanks to the masterclass, I now feel free to be authentic around other women. This was a struggle for me for years but AliceAnne creates an atmosphere of trust and support that encourages both business AND personal growth. The experience was invaluable!”

A portrait of Julie Blamphin



Thanks to the masterclass, I have found my authentic self, my true core values, and am pursuing a dream career and life that aligns with who I am.

Here’s how the program breaks down…


ELI Assessment

  • Complete your Self-Evaluation on Leadership Potential and the effect of Stress on Leadership.

VALUE $300


Operations Strategic Mapping Model

  • Clearly define your goals for the next 6 months and beyond for your professional / business development and leadership.

VALUE $1997


6 Private Coaching Sessions

  • Working 1-1 with AliceAnne, remove limiting beliefs, unlock leadership potential and create purposeful and effective ACTION towards your goals.

VALUE $1800


6 Months Group Coaching with 6 Focus Seat Coaching Sessions

  • A rising tide lifts all boats. Through the group coaching platform, participants have the ability to gain insight from one another, problem solve, build a network, create collaborations and feel supported and connected while working to achieve success.

VALUE $1800

But, wait...there’s MORE! (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)
Did someone say bonuses?

In addition to everything in the Leadership Masterclass, I’m also going to throw in 3 bonuses to give you a kick start to BALANCED LEADERSHIP,  working smarter, not harder and Achieving it ALL, on YOUR terms..

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An i-Pad mockup showing a gift box.

Masterclass Gift
Box (VALUE $150)

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FREE Access to the Masterclass Facebook Community

Are you ready to achieve balance, working smart and achieving it all on YOUR terms?

I can’t wait for you to take advantage of everything inside the Leadership Masterclass!


Total value $5900.
Yours for only $3500!
$1000 deposit to hold your spot TODAY!

An i-Pad mockup showing AliceAnne Loftus holding a graduation certificate.
A portrait of a smiling woman.

By now, you’re probably realizing this isn’t your typical masterclass...and YOU’RE RIGHT!

Through the blend of the L.E.A.D.E.R. pillars, the Positive Psychology PERMA-V outline and the 7 Strategic Objectives of Business, you can achieve a balanced and effective leadership presence in all aspects of your life…leading to OVERALL life satisfaction and success.

This program is a combination of Leadership Enhancement as well as Strategic Business Development. It’s a holistic approach to identify your values and mission and implement practices and skills to effectively show up as a leader both personally and professionally. With a mix of group and individualized coaching, you not only get personalized support from coaching, you’re also connecting with other high-achieving women in leadership who become your network, support system and collaborators!

The Leadership Masterclass was designed for YOU.

Are you still undecided?

This masterclass is the perfect fit for you if you are a high-achieving woman in leadership. If you’re juggling many roles, feel responsible for others, are pulled in many directions, are unclear of how to prioritize your time, or even what your priorities are.

If you’re a Business owner or leader in an organization (decision maker, manager, or the person that makes all things happen).

Do you have questions?
I have answers!

Through the Leadership Masterclass, we take a deeper look at what it means to show up as an authentic leader. When we are authentic leaders, we are truly aligned and rooted in our core values and we are able to clearly identify our mission and purpose in ourselves and our organizations. With that clarity, we identify our personal leadership style, our ideal team synthesis and our own personal and professional values and culture. The masterclass helps each participant implement a learner’s mindset, strengthen communication skills, as well as feel empowered and engaged in who they are with and what they are doing. Additionally, each woman learns to embrace her authentic leadership style, set boundaries for herself and her organization as well as learn ways to build resiliency and feel her best! When you know who you are, you know where you want to go.

The masterclass helps you identify breaks in your systems, prioritize goals, projects and tasks, and gain confidence to set necessary boundaries to ensure work-life balance. Skills learned include, however are not limited to: delegation, outsourcing, time management as well as self-care practices. If you’re not running your business, your business is running you!

It is important that each participant do her best to make every call. However, we understand life happens. If you must miss a call, we ask that you let us know prior to the call. If you are in the focus seat, you make every effort possible to switch with another participant. Missed focus seat coaching sessions cannot be made up without prior planning.

Group coaching, while valuable, is not for everyone. That’s why I offer private coaching as well.

The strategic mapping process helps you clearly identify your mission, vision, values and key goals. Through a series of private calls, each participant will meet with a Certified Director of Operations, to discuss her year ahead and develop an organized system to manage all her goals, projects and tasks to achieve success.

While results are never guaranteed, I believe that when a participant is fully committed, uses the tools and resources provided to them, while also stretching themselves beyond their comfort level, keeping an open mind to change and growth, success is inevitable! Participants will feel organized, focused, prepared and intentional about their steps forward as a leader. Confidence, clarity and engagement increase while doubt, frustration and overwhelm dissipate. Not only do participants feel more empowered in their own leadership, they feel connected, supported and in the lead of their own path to personal and professional achievement!

Enroll in the Leadership Masterclass TODAY!

ACHIEVE work/life balance, working smarter, not harder!
Get it ALL, on YOUR terms.


Total value $5900.
Yours for only $3500!
$1000 deposit to hold your spot TODAY!

An i-Pad mockup showing AliceAnne Loftus holding a graduation certificate.