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Through live workshops, AliceAnne will get to the core of what it takes to truly show up as your best self both personally and professionally. AliceAnne helps high-achieving women in leadership and in small business align their core values with not only their business, but also their relationships, leadership style, and overall life satisfaction.

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Recent Episodes

January 24, 2023

149: The Secret to Keeping It Simple

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January 17, 2023

148: Why You Might Want to Change Your 2023 Goals with Erin Harrigan

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January 10, 2023

147: The Story Behind Leading Lady Coaching

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About AliceAnne Loftus

I believe that life is meant to be lived purposefully and passionately, not endured as time passes. As women, we play many roles in life, sometimes juggling the different roles at the same time. We pour ourselves into our roles, either personally or professionally (or both!), all the while struggling to maintain balance, peace, and fulfillment.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You can create a life you love through intentional living and by leaning into your authentic self. I work with women to be more effective in their many leadership roles by learning how to self-lead. To create your life success, you must first create yourself!

Raving Reviews

  • Mathguynj300
    So much care in these episodes. AliceAnne Loftus is a fantastic coach and she brings so much care and compassion to this podcast. She knows how to deliver the hard message and help entrepreneurs get out of their way to get the success they want. There is tremendous value in this podcast. You will learn something for sure.
  • Shelli42
    Do NOT miss this podcast! AliceAnne and our Leading Lady Community have been a lifeline for me through this pandemic. Each session has been authentic, informative, made me laugh and cry! I can't wait for my Wednesday morning walk each week so I can listen, learn, and be inspired.
  • KarimaDD
    An amazing woman! AliceAnne is one of the most loving, generous, authentic women that I know! She's genuinely passionate about helping other women succeed to the point that she's made it her life's mission. Not only has she supported me on my journey as an entrepreneur but I continue to watch her help others on a daily basis. Her expertise in leadership and coaching is apparent in everything that she does. I'm so grateful to now have this podcast as an extension of her work and a place I can turn to for advice when I need it.