11: Growing Through Failure and Leading an Authentic Business You Love with Britney Thornton and Hannah Kates of Auxilium Virtual


Can you build a successful business in less than a year without a business degree? Is it possible to overcome past trauma and live in a way that sets your heart on fire? Can you overcome failures and see them in a positive light? 

In today’s episode, I have two amazing ladies on the show who will prove you can!  I am sitting down with Britney Thornton and Hannah Kates who are the inspirational entrepreneurs behind Auxilium Virtual.   

Britney and Hannah met early in their careers at the Naval Academy and in their business today, they continue to play off each other’s strengths.  They reveal the hard lessons they learned, the bumps they encountered along the way, and the accomplishments they have seen through it all.  

Britney Thornton is the owner and founder of Auxilium Virtual, a course creation consulting company focusing on empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge, project management, and a little bit of fun. Britney started Auxilium after serving in the U.S. Navy for nine years. She took her experience as a naval officer and now applies her hard-learned lessons of leadership, resiliency, and service to her clients. When she’s not at her desk, Britney can be found scuba diving, traveling with her fiance and many pets, and attempting to cook new recipes.

Hannah Kates is the author of fourteen novels. Her professional work has been showcased by numerous publications, including (but certainly not limited to) the Center of Naval Analysis, the international WriteMentor Program, and the underground satire she ran clandestinely out of the Naval Academy’s attic.

After years of experience in traditional and independent publishing, she’s transferred her skills to the copywriting, editing, and publishing branch of Auxilium Virtual, where she now works as Chief Editor. If she’s not skulking around cemeteries looking for new stories, you can find her running for ridiculous distances, having tea with her corgi, or playing honky-tonk piano. Her novels are represented by Lynnette Novak of The Seymour Agency

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The story behind Britney and Hannah’s friendship and how they got started working together
  • How to use each person’s strengths to complement each other in a partnership
  • The type of clients Auxilium works with and the services they offer 
  • The value of having a nurturing quality when servicing clients 
  • Treating your clients business as your own
  • The challenges of leading a team living in different states and time zones
  • Why you don’t need a business degree to run a successful business
  • How to know your limits and how to determine what tasks to outsource
  • Solving personality conflicts and having difficult conversations
  • Overcoming past trauma and helping others do the same
  • Living life on your own terms

Did you enjoy this week’s episode as much as I did?  I work with these leading ladies daily and loved getting to know them on an even deeper level.  I am moved by their level of authenticity.  

They reminded me to not take things personally, that it’s ok to laugh, or to be sad, but the most important thing to do is to pick yourself back up and never give up.  



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