"Women have always been in the lead. We’re just not being quiet about it anymore."

Sounds good on paper, right?

But do you ever look at wildly-successful, confident, ceiling-shattering women and think…

What does she have that I don’t?

If you’ve ever felt fake, burnt-out, less-than, or (God forbid) like a stranger in your own skin, it’s time to let you in on a dirty little secret;

No one wakes up one sunny morning and is magically an effective leader.

Not in business. Not in life. Not ever. 

As an entrepreneur, speaker, author, business coach, and founder of the Leading Lady program, AliceAnne Loftus has spent her life learning that true leadership isn’t just another tick on a to-do list.

In this hilarious, heart-wrenching memoir, AliceAnne draws on the roots of her own journey to unpack the gritty leadership lessons behind the worldwide Leading Lady phenomenon.  

Unapologetically funny, often sad, and always authentic, TAKE THE LEAD is an open invitation to discover that leadership is a living, breathing process rather than an outcome—and that the power to change your life, your community, and your world lies at the core of your authentic self.

About the Author

AliceAnne Loftus, born in the Philippines and having moved over a dozen times as a child with her military family, finally calling Annapolis, Maryland her “home”. 

She has been a business owner for nearly two decades and is also a business and leadership coach for high-achieving women. 

While her educational background is rooted in early childhood education, as she grew with her own business and leadership experiences, she realized that through the connection and community of other women, she found inspiration to live the motto “Empowered women, empower women.” 

Like many women, juggling various responsibilities, AliceAnne balances her roles as a wife, mother, friend, business woman and community leader dedicated to living, loving and leading as her best authentic self.