76: Create Balanced Leadership as a High-Achieving Woman


Do you feel frustrated or pulled in multiple directions? Do you feel that you are ineffective as a leader in one or more areas of your life? 

If your answer is yes, I want to help you identify how to create balanced leadership.

In this episode, I am telling you about the free 5-day digital course that I created that will help you with just that. 

From what to expect from the course to the transformation and success that you will experience once it is over, I am getting into all of the details of it.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What each of the five days will look like
  • The assessments and action steps included
  • The importance of finding balance as women
  • The effect of stress on our personal, professional, and social lives
  • How you can be a woman who has it all

Balance is an intentional shift in focus, a reset of intentions, and the awareness to take purposeful action to move you closer to effectively reaching your goals and your success! 

In fact, real, authentic leadership is BALANCED, THOUGHTFUL, and PROACTIVE! 

This course will teach you to approach balance as a verb, and it will teach you how to effectively reach your goals as a high-achieving woman.

If you want to elevate your leadership presence through focus, intention, and action, sign up now for the FREE Balanced Leadership digital course.

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