94: Creative Ways to Show Up on Social Media Even When You Don’t Feel Like It with Deanna Seymour


Are you using Instagram reels for your business yet? 

As entrepreneurs, we know that we need to be showing up online. It’s great for our business to be present and active!

What if you don’t like to show your face on social media though? What if you hate the idea of showing yourself dancing around or doing the latest trend in order to gain some followers? 

This is discouraging for anyone that isn’t comfortable putting themselves out there. In today’s episode of the Leading Lady podcast, I sat down with Deanna Seymour to talk about how you can still show up and grow your business on social media without showing yourself before you’re ready. 

As the host of the Imperfect Party Podcast and Eff That: A Storytelling Series, an art educator for over a decade, and a lady always willing to try something new, Deanna Seymour knows the power of creativity, humor, and lettin’ your freak flag fly. 

Whether she’s hosting an online coworking sesh or helping a client get over their fear of being on camera, Deanna uses humor and empathy to build a community that helps people feel seen, heard, and ultimately more comfortable in their own skin so they can have more fun marketing their business. 

When she’s not busy making GIFs, graphics or reels, she’s probably callin’ out sleazy marketing tactics, hangin’ with her fam, or sneaking in some crappy reality tv!

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Diet culture and online marketing
  • Why you’re good enough now to start using reels for your business
  • The value of surrounding yourself with people that are fighting the diet culture narrative
  • Creative ways to start showing up for your business on social media before you’re ready

I love all of the creative ideas Deanna shares in this episode. I am definitely going to be implementing some of them, and you should too!

I hope this episode inspires you to start showing up on social media in a way that makes you feel productive and confident.

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Creative Ways to Show Up on Social Media Even When You Don’t Feel Like It with Deanna Seymour
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