139: How to Know if a Financial Planner is Right For You with Bridget Borel


Having an understanding of finances is such an important skill and tool that women need to truly be leaders in their lives. We all have blind spots, but working with a financial planner could help us avoid financial issues that we might not even know existed. 

In this episode of Leading Lady, I sat down with Bridget Borel to talk more about finances and how women can start living and spending in accordance with their values and find financial wellness. 

Bridget always says that money isn’t math, and math isn’t money. Financial decisions come in the context of our lives – events and relationships that shape who we are and how we live. She is driven to connect her clients with the resources they need to meet their goals and dreams. 

Her greatest joy is working with women of leadership, ambition, and mission. That could mean a retired public servant, an entrepreneurial scientist balancing the needs of her business and her family, or a Gold Star widow running a non-profit to help other grieving families. These women have a purpose, and she is privileged to help them live out that purpose. 

She came to the financial industry through work in insurance as well as research for a wealth management firm. As a fee-only financial planner, she’s in the best position she can be to help clients solve their own financial puzzles. She holds a BS from Tulane University and lives in Annapolis with her three children. 

Her free time is filled with CrossFit, stand-up paddle boarding, cooking, and live music.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How Bridget got started in the finance industry
  • What she does as a financial planner
  • What financial planning is
  • When you should consider working with a financial planner
  • How emotions play into investment decisions
  • Common misconceptions about working with a financial planner
  • How to look at your spending through your values

We go through so many storms and so many seasons of life. To have a financial planner to be able to partner with you and help you navigate that and give you confidence in your finances is such a wonderful resource to have.

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