79: How to Turn a Passion Into a Business Later in Life with Lisa Schneiderman


Have you ever had a cake pop before? Chocolate is my favorite!

I am such a big fan of Lisa’s Cakepops in Severna Park, Mayland, so I decided to interview Lisa Schneiderman on the podcast!

Not only did I want to hear all about how she makes the most delicious and creative creations, but I also wanted to hear how she was able to turn a passion into a business later in life!

While Lisa and I definitely touch on the flavors and designs of her cake pops, we mostly chat about how she started a new career after the age of 50, how she knew she could pursue her passion, and the many ways that we can all support a small business like hers.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lisa spent 20 years on Wall Street as a broker, Certified Financial Planner, and OTC trader. Leaving Wall Street in 2000, she turned her focus on raising her son. As he got older and she had more free time, Lisa started baking for family and friends. Upon discovering cake pops, she knew she had found her passion. 

In 2013, Lisa incorporated and began making cake pops as a home-based business, where she was living at the time. When her family relocated to Maryland in 2015, she moved operations to a commercial kitchen in Severna Park and Lisa’s Cakepops was born. At Lisa’s Cakepops, they believe that cake pops should be fun, beautiful, and delicious as well as memorable for any occasion or gift!

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why you’re never too old to follow your dream
  • Pursuing a passion when you feel like it is right
  • How finding your passion helps you find yourself
  • How to turn a passion into a business
  • Why you can never give up on yourself
  • Pivoting your business as needed
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities

It is so exciting and empowering to know that you can start a business at any time in your life. Like I mention in the episode, you’re never too old to go after your dreams. 

Lisa’s Cakepops specializes in custom cake pops for all occasions and cake pop decorating kits. Their storefront location offers a wide variety of cake pop flavors sold individually or by the baker’s dozen. There are even gluten-free options available!

Make sure to check her out on her website and visit her storefront in Severna Park, Maryland to get your own!

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