19: Navigating Uncertainty with Grace & Kindness


The year 2020 has been undeniably difficult. We are all feeling a bit emotionally drained and exhausted by the events of the past few months. Each of us is handling the trauma of this time differently, but we can all use additional grace and kindness. 

In this episode, I talk honestly about the feelings we are ALL experiencing, and I offer simple suggestions that I am personally using to help weather this storm. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How to approach anti-racism with grace and kindness
  • Why it’s important that leading ladies stay strong in uncertainty
  • The bottom line in the discussion about racial injustice 
  • What we have to do to help create change 
  • Why people are feeling exhausted 
  • How it can help to see 2020 from a long-term perspective 
  • My invitation to each of you at this time

After listening in, I invite you to acknowledge the difficulty of the last few months, practice grace, and ask yourself, “What is the kindest thing that I can do for myself and for someone else?”

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