87: No One Knows What They’re Doing


Want to know a secret? No one knows what they’re doing! 

In the entrepreneurship world, we are surrounded by experts and gurus who have it all figured out- or so we think! The truth is, no one knows everything. We are all just trying to figure it out as we go. 

We all have struggles and battles that others don’t see. That is why you can’t let comparison steal your joy. You can’t dismiss your own unique lessons when looking at your journey and what brought you there. 

In this episode of the Leading Lady podcast, we are talking all about how you can stop letting comparison stunt your growth and learn from those around us using the power of group coaching. 

You are not the only one struggling, and you are not the only person that has questions or doubts. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The power of group coaching
  • The fact that no one has everything figured out
  • Having the confidence to move forward
  • Finding the  value in every experience
  • Adopting a learners mindset

Group coaching is a great way to connect with others in a similar situation and grow together. It can be truly transformational! I know this firsthand!

If you are interested in joining my Leadership masterclass, book a discovery call here. I would absolutely love to talk to you about how you can join hundreds of other high-achieving women and take the lead of your life.

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