130: The Six Essential Pieces You Need in Your Presentations or Workshops


Does your audience understand your business and how you serve them? 

In today’s episode of Leading Lady, I’m sharing how to structure your presentations and workshops in a clear and concise way so that your audience knows who you are, who you serve, how you serve, and why they need you. 

I recently started a program called the Annapolis Collective. It’s a networking and education group hosted in my new office and event space. One of the bonuses of being a member of the collective is that members can use the space to host their own presentations and workshops for their audience. 

With this opportunity, I was getting a lot of women coming to me asking how they can build a workshop or the best way to present their businesses at these meetings in a non-salesy or corny way. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why you need clarity on who you serve
  • Sharing what you offer
  • The importance of sharing where you work with clients
  • Why you need to share when people should hire you
  • Clarifying the “why” in your business
  • Why it’s so important to share how people work with you

When you’re mapping out your presentations, workshops, and even just the conversations you’re having, it’s so important that you identify and answer all of these questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how so that you can truly inspire people to work with you. 

It’s really about just going back to the fundamentals of answering those questions and making sure that when people walk away from you, having interacted with you, they truly understand what you’re all about, who you work with, how you work with people, when they should sign up for you, where you’re able to work with people, and why you’re the person to do the job.

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How to Structure Your Presentations

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The Six Essential Pieces You Need in Your Presentations or Workshops
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