118: What You Should Know Before Hiring a Coach


Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach? 

I talk to so many women on discovery calls who are trying to decide if hiring a coach is the right move for them. The decision to hire a business coach or life coach is a big one, so you don’t want to go into this decision without doing your research and knowing what exactly you need and what to look for. 

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a therapist and everyone needs a coach. These are two very different things that will help you in different areas of your life. In this episode of Leading Lady, I’m sharing everything you need to know before you hire your first coach. 

It’s always surprising to me how many business coaches are out there who have not actually built businesses of their own aside from their coaching business. You wouldn’t hire someone to teach you how to play football who has never played football themselves! With that said, the first thing you’re going to want to know when searching for a coach is what experience they actually have in starting a business. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Business coach red flags
  • Finding a coach who has had training
  • Questions to ask when interviewing coaches
  • Getting clear on what you want out of the coaching relationship
  • Why not everyone is a good fit
  • Group coaching vs. one-on-one coaching

I truly believe that with any investment in yourself, time-wise and financially, you are going to see that return on investment. You’re putting focus into bettering yourself and bettering your systems and processes so that you can work smarter not harder. Working more efficiently and effectively will help you ultimately make more money, feel more balanced, and be in the lead of your life. 

If you are looking to interview or hire a coach, feel free to schedule a complimentary coaching call with me. I’m not a good fit for everyone, but if I am, let’s get started! If not, let me help connect you with someone who would be a great fit for you. 

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