148: Why You Might Want to Change Your 2023 Goals with Erin Harrigan


Are you still trying to figure out your goals for 2023?

Maybe you thought you had your goals set and now you’ve changed your mind, or maybe you haven’t set any goals yet at all. Either way, it’s okay. This is the perfect time to consider your goals for the year; you haven’t missed the deadline. 

Erin Harrigan is joining us in this episode to talk about setting goals that are aligned with your values. Sometimes we set goals because we feel like we should, or because we see other people setting them, but have you stopped to ask yourself what you really want? 

Tune in to find out how to set goals that work for you and move you closer to the life you want, not the life someone else wants. 

Erin Harrigan is a Christian wife, mom, and international coach/speaker, helping women tune out the world, tune into God’s truth and turn up focus to redefine hustle & pursue success in God’s way.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Setting goals after the year has started 
  • Why you should think about your values before you set goals
  • Surrendering your plans to God or your higher power 
  • Being anchored in what is eternal, not what is temporal
  • Why you shouldn’t tie your identity to what you achieve 
  • Connecting to the “why” behind your goals 
  • How to set goals that are aligned to what you want 

If the goals you’ve had in the past, or even the goals you have right now, aren’t aligned to your values, be open to change. It’s okay to acknowledge that you have changed and your goals can too. 

If you’re trying to get in touch with your values, book a call with me to learn more about Value Mining and find out if I could be the right coach for you. I would love the opportunity to chat with you and see how I can help you in your business and leadership journey. 

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Why You Might Want to Change Your 2023 Goals with Erin Harrigan
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