156: Why You Need Branding Photography with Maureen Porto


Have you ever had professional branding photos taken for your business?

In this episode, I’m joined by Maureen Porto to talk about the art of branding photography and how to use it to put your best foot forward as a business owner. 

Maureen is sharing why branding photography is one of the best investments you can make for your business and what results you can expect from having your brand photographs taken. If you’ve ever had questions about the process of getting professional photos taken, this episode has the answers for you. 

Maureen Porto is an award-winning portrait photographer passionate about helping ambitious, camera-shy professionals create eye-catching headshots and elevated marketing images. Her modern business portraits and magnetic brand marketing photos are known to attract ideal audience attention and drive results. Over the last 15 years, her work has been featured in People Magazine, Elle, House Beautiful, Washingtonian, and countless other local and national publications. The portraits she creates in her Annapolis, Maryland, studio and on location have earned her opportunities to photograph clients from coast to coast, including a wide variety of creatives, executives, politicians, and celebrities. Her most inspiring work is creating successful business portraits for entrepreneurs and small enterprises, where Maureen strives to foster local community development and reduce the power of dominant corporations. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The power of a positive mindset 
  • Seeing yourself in the light that other people see you in
  • Finding a renewed sense of purpose through how you see yourself
  • Why this is our moment as female entrepreneurs
  • The importance of showing your face in your business
  • How to know who to hire for your branding photography 
  • The value of strategic investments 
  • How hiring the right person puts money back in your pocket 
  • Why it’s worth it to invest in a photographer 
  • Rounding out your personal brand 
  • What it’s like to get your branding photos taken 

Good branding photography shows your ideal clients who you really are. We live in a time when people want to see behind the curtain of the businesses they are buying from and showing your face is more important than ever. Sometimes that can be done with a phone camera on Instagram live, but professional photography elevates your brand to the next level. 

If you want more information about branding photography and what it might look like for your business, email Maureen at maureenporto@gmail.com

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