160: Anxiety and Perfectionism


Are you constantly asking yourself things like: am I doing enough? Am I showing up? Am I delivering on what I said I wanted to deliver? Are people happy with my work?

Like many other high-achieving women, you’re facing the anxiety that comes from striving for perfection. It can be easy to get stuck in that place, but there are things you can do to recenter yourself and squash those feelings that are holding you back. 

In this episode, I’m getting real and sharing what works for me when I get caught up in striving for perfection. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why perfectionism causes unnecessary anxiety 
  • How to recenter yourself when perfectionism throws you off-course 
  • The importance of knowing your core values 
  • Grounding questions to ask yourself 
  • Taking time to pause and acknowledge your anxiety 
  • Reconnecting with the present moment 
  • How to call out unhelpful thoughts 

Perfectionism is lying to you. As a high-achieving woman, you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders; don’t let perfectionism add to that weight. Use this episode to find ways to calm anxious thoughts and reject perfectionism when you feel them creeping in. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety and the need for perfection, you’re not alone. I hope this episode resonates with you and gives you some new things to try. 

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Anxiety and Perfectionism
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