161: Getting Into Government Contracting with Lisa Van Wormer


Did you know that as a small business owner, you could be doing contract work for the government?

In this episode, I’m joined by Leading Lady Ambassador Lisa Van Wormer to talk all about government contracting. There’s not a lot of help out there when it comes to getting into government contract work, which is why Lisa is so passionate about helping small business owners figure it out. 

She’s giving us the scoop on how to get into government contracting, things to consider before looking into federal or state contracting, and all the basics that you need to know. 

After almost two decades of a mixture of military, government, and civilian service, Lisa Van Wormer set out to create an opportunity where she could combine her passion for serving her community and her experience in the federal systems to pursue projects that directly support her community and have the impact potential to truly make a lasting mark and change the world.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How government contracting works and who it’s for 
  • Why the government is moving towards hiring small businesses
  • What you need to know if you want to be hired by the government
  • Some of the government contract lingo 
  • Why Lisa decided to start government contract work 
  • How to get started with government contracting
  • Creating freedom for yourself as a small business owner

If you’re curious about government contract jobs and want to learn more, reach out to Lisa and she can get you started. By the time you finish this episode, you’ll see why she’s absolutely the person to know in this field. 

If you’re looking for someone to support and guide you on your business and leadership journey, book a call with me to find out if I could be the right coach for you. I’d love to learn more about your business and how I can help you take your next steps. 

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