151: Behind the Scenes of My VIP Strategy Days (with Liz Murphy)


When you’re planning in your business, do you try to tune everything else out, or do you let all the other areas of your life inform what you want for your business?

In this episode, my dear friend and fellow ambassador Liz Murphy is taking over and we’re switching seats. She’s here to interview me and pick my brain about my VIP Strategy Day and what really goes into strategically planning a business. 

The main question that I’m answering is: why do we need to look at every area of our lives in order to effectively strategically plan our businesses? I believe that you need to be looking at and talking about yourself as a woman, human, wife, friend, and all the other titles that are important to you before you can show up as your best self as a business owner. Why is that? You’ll have to tune in to the episode to find out! 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How your business fits into the ecosystem of your life
  • Why you need to look at yourself as a whole person
  • Showing up fully in every area of your life
  • How you’re lying to yourself unintentionally 
  • All the “shoulds” that you’re putting on yourself 
  • How your relationships impact your business
  • Paying attention to who celebrates you 
  • Why I’m so passionate about doing this work 

You are an amazing business owner, but you’re also so much more than that. I want to help you strategically plan a business that fits into your life, not the other way around. I hope this episode helps!

If you’re looking for someone to support and guide you on your business and leadership journey, book a call with me to find out if I could be the right coach for you. I’d love to learn more about your business and how I can help you take your next steps. 

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Behind the Scenes of My VIP Strategy Days (with Liz Murphy)
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