125: Don’t Call Me a Mompreneur


Are you a working mom?

In today’s episode of Leading Lady, I’m talking about the unique challenges and circumstances I have faced as a working mom myself. Before you think that this episode is about how much harder it is being a working mom than it is for other women in business, I want to say that I have tried very hard not to tie up my identity in motherhood. 

I believe that we are unique and whole just as women alone. Our roles as moms and entrepreneurs are just other facets of us. 

This is why I am not a fan of words like mompreneur and mom boss. They get under my skin because my husband has never been called a dadpreneur or a dad boss. In general, men don’t lead with parenthood as their identifier. 

I’m not going to debate who has it harder in this episode, glorify working moms, or minimize women building careers without children. The purpose of this episode is simply to share that yes, I am a mom, I do run my own businesses alongside raising my family, and it does present some challenges.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why I don’t like the word mom boss
  • My journey starting a business as a new mom
  • The workload that mothers and businesswomen have
  • The guilt that working moms experience
  • Why it’s okay to not be okay
  • Why our kids need us to step back

It’s okay to feel like you’re struggling as a mom while you’re flourishing in your business. Your hands are full enough, you don’t need to carry mom guilt as well. It’s important to remember that our kids see us making moves and running successful businesses and that is such an amazing gift for them! 

I hope this episode offers some understanding and compassion for what you’re going through as a mom in business and leadership!

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