124: How Exercise Can Empower You with Tara De Leon: A Fan Favorite Replay


Prioritizing exercise isn’t easy especially when it is viewed as a punishment rather than a celebration. Do you agree?

Sometimes we forget all of the things that our bodies are capable of because we are so caught up in a meal that we ate, fitting into a certain size or wishing we had a toned stomach.

One thing I have learned over the years is that this mindset does not allow anyone to see their body for what it is – powerful, beautiful and worth celebrating. Whether you enjoy 20-minute walks or lifting heavy weights, moving your body should always be empowering.

In this episode, I am chatting with my personal trainer Tara De Leon about the importance of exercise – no matter how you choose to move your body. This is one of the most listened-to episodes ever on the podcast, so I decided it was time to bring it back—especially because this message is worth repeating.

Tara De Leon has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry. She has done everything from teaching water aerobics to personal training to even being a collegiate strength coach. As the Personal Training Coordinator at Edgewater Fitness, Tara helps women be confident and badass by teaching them to lift heavy weights. Outside of the gym, Tara loves to spend time with her husband Marcus, adorable newborn baby boy, Maverick, and Aussie pup, Chula.

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss: 

  • How to give thanks to the body you have
  • Why exercise should be seen as a celebration and not a punishment
  • The secret to meeting whatever fitness goal you have
  • How you should move your body when you’re stressed
  • What to do when you don’t feel like exercising
  • The importance of finding what works for you

Whether this is your first time hearing this episode or you have heard it before, I want you to remember this important lesson from it: find what works for you and give yourself grace. 

If you are moving your body at all, that is a total win and should make you feel like the powerful woman that you are!

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How Exercise Can Empower You with Tara De Leon: A Fan Favorite Replay
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