81: How to Cultivate Healthy Relationships with Yourself and with Others with Samantha Heuwagen


How can you love others without loving yourself first?

The answer is simple: you can’t!

We have to have really solid foundations with ourselves in order to be able to articulate what our needs are with another person.

My guest in this episode, Samantha Heuwagen, is here to talk to us all about this and how to cultivate healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Samantha Heuwagen is a Latinx marriage and family therapist and best-selling author in the Metro Atlanta area. When not working with clients, she sparks discussion about mental health with the goal to spread awareness across the United States and beyond by challenging the popular discourse surrounding mental illness and making it more inclusive. 

Her books, Dawn Among the Stars, Fading Starlight, and Stardust Emerging are available now wherever books are sold. Discover what it means to be human in this feminist science fiction series, where her debut novel was nominated for a 2019 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the First Novel category. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What the foundation of a healthy relationship consists of
  • Why you need to love yourself first
  • Why people find it hard to talk about sex and healthy relationships
  • How to define what your goals are for yourself and your relationships
  • The difference between younger individuals and older individuals when it comes to how they handle self-care and relationships
  • What it means to be authentic in a relationship
  • How therapy helps individuals and couples build a foundation 

I encourage you to get to know yourself! This way, when someone does come into your life, you can articulate what you want and what you need. This is SO important. I am so glad to have had this conversation with Samantha to hear her advice and perspective on this.

If you need help with this work, reach out to a therapist! Just like Samantha says at the end of this episode, “therapy is a gift that you give yourself,” so take advantage of that! You can even reach out to her on her website which is linked below!

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How to Cultivate Healthy Relationships with Yourself and with Others with Samantha Heuwagen
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