153: How to Feel Your Best Through Menopause with Dr. Sara Poldmae


Let’s talk about perimenopause and menopause. I don’t think we talk about it enough. 

Menopause usually sneaks up on us. Symptoms go from small annoyances to making life pretty miserable and it can feel like it happens overnight.

Taking care of your whole self as a human being is part of taking care of your business. That’s why I think this is important to talk about on the podcast and why I’ve invited Dr. Sara Poldmae to join us.

Tune in to learn some of the common signs and symptoms, how to support your body, and why you should embrace the beauty of aging.

Dr. Sara Poldmae is a doctor of Chinese medicine, licensed acupuncturist, and certified functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Sara completed her doctorate at the Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego, California. With over 20 years of experience treating women with hormonal struggles, Dr. Sara is an expert in all things women’s health. She has a strong interest in treating women with PCOS, women trying to conceive, and women going through perimenopause.  She is passionate about empowering women to create healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lives. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Early symptoms of menopause 
  • How to make menopause more comfortable and enjoyable 
  • The beauty in getting older 
  • Lifestyle and diet tweaks that can support your body 
  • The importance of managing stress 
  • Effective ways to move your body 
  • Giving your body what it needs 
  • The value of good sleep 

I hope this episode helps you feel more confident and comfortable in your body. I’m so grateful to have Dr. Sara on the podcast to share some of her specialist knowledge with us. The more we talk about these things, the less alone we all feel, right?

To learn more about Dr. Sara and her services, go to www.meadowhillwellness.com. I know she’d love to hear from you!

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How to Feel Your Best Through Menopause with Dr. Sara Poldmae
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