120: How To Grow Your Business By Working Smarter, Not Harder


When you first start your business, it’s so exciting! You have so much passion for your work, so the beginning phase is just magical, isn’t it?

Sometimes, though, we end up in denial about how much work has to be done. With any business, there are going to be things that just aren’t fun and that you don’t love to do.

Getting the not-so-fun things done at the start will make your work easier because you will have the structure, discipline, and procedures in place that will keep everything running smoothly.

By doing the hard work now, you can do the smart work going forward in your business. In this episode of Leading Lady, I’m sharing my top tips for working smarter so that you can grow and scale your business without working harder. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The importance of creating a structure for your business at the start
  • Things to do on the front end of your business
  • How setting boundaries helps you maintain work-life balance
  • What you need when it comes to policies for your business
  • Establishing a priority management schedule

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How To Grow Your Business By Working Smarter, Not Harder
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