121: Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Own Your Greatness with Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin: A Fan Favorite Replay


If you are a Leading Lady podcast listener, you are probably a high achiever. It’s also highly probable that you’ve experienced the phenomenon called “Imposter Syndrome” at some point. 

Have you ever wondered if it’s a real thing or if it’s just a confidence buzzword that has been created by our generation? Well, to learn more about exactly what Imposter Syndrome is and how you can overcome it if you struggle with it, Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin is joining me in this episode to talk all about it.

This episode went live just over two years ago now, and it is my most downloaded episode to date. As a fan favorite, I am bringing it back because the value in this episode is still so relevant and important today.

Dr. Orbé-Austin is a licensed psychologist and executive coach, with a focus on career advancement, leadership development, and job transitions. She is a co-founder and partner of Dynamic Transitions Psychological Consulting, a career and executive coaching consultancy, where she works mostly with high-potential managers and executives. She recently gave a TEDx talk entitled “The Imposter Syndrome Paradox” and is here to give us an in-depth look at this common problem.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What Imposter Syndrome is 
  • Why it’s common for people who are overachievers
  • Why more education and accolades can’t solve Imposter Syndrome
  • What the origin of Imposter Syndrome is
  • How you can find community support for Imposter Syndrome
  • Interventions and daily practices to combat Imposter Syndrome
  • Advice for parents to raise kids who can handle Imposter Syndrome
  • How imposter syndrome can affect the workplace

Whether you’ve heard this episode before or it’s your first time hearing it, I hope you feel more empowered to tackle Imposter Syndrome in your own life and business. 

If you’ve learned a few new tactics to work past your fears and step into the leading role in your life, then I hope you’ll share with me what is working well for you. 

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Own Your Greatness with Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin: A Fan Favorite Replay
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