178: How to Serve Others Through Mentorship with Julie Campbell: A Fan Favorite Replay


Have you ever felt a desire to serve others but felt lost on how to do it? 

Mentoring can be truly transformational for both the mentee and the mentor. 

We may not realize it but we all inherently serve others. In fact, a majority of the time we are either in the position of a teacher or a student. We naturally mentor those around us  and it can be easy to overlook the huge impact we are making on each other’s lives. 

In this fan favorite replay episode of the Leading Lady Podcast, we are chatting with Julie Campbell about how and why you should consider becoming a mentor. 

Julie is a wife, a mother, and a retired Naval officer. After spending 10 years in the commercial aerospace industry, her passion for mentoring and serving others led her to become the first President and CEO of the non-profit Severn Leadership Group, a movement of like-minded leaders who support leaders of character committed to serving others before self.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How we can serve others as mentors
  • Walking alongside your mentee
  • Why mentoring is a great way to create a legacy
  • How to work with the Severn Leadership Group
  • Understanding how to mentor through differences
  • The inherent ability we all have to mentor

So many people have a desire to serve others in their communities and becoming a mentor is a powerful and effective way to do that. You’re never too busy to become a mentor! 

I hope after listening, you have a better understanding of how you can take your natural abilities and make a bigger impact!

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How to Serve Others Through Mentorship with Julie Campbell: A Fan Favorite Replay
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