177: Take The Lead: Foreword Read by Jennifer Klepper


We’re going to shake things up and end Take The Lead at the beginning. 

When I started reading Take The Lead here on the podcast, I realized that I didn’t want to read the foreword because I didn’t write it! My dear friend Jennifer Klepper did, and she has kindly agreed to come and read it for me in this episode. 

Jennifer played a huge part in the development, publishing, and promotion of Take The Lead. She taught me so much about the world of publishing and becoming an author, and she filled me with the confidence and encouragement to keep going. 

The foreword touches on what it means to be a work in progress, the value of growth, and the beauty of living a life of purpose and truth. 

Jennifer is the USA Today Bestselling author of Unbroken Threads and co-founder of Early Works, a tech startup producing solutions in education, health, tech, gaming, and AI. Born and raised in Iowa and Nebraska, she attended college in Dallas, law school in Charlottesville, and worked in Texas and Massachusetts before settling for good in Maryland. She’s worked for Big Law, small law, start-ups, and Google. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What Jennifer taught me about writing and publishing
  • Celebrating the wealth and opportunity of a work in progress 
  • The value of growth 
  • Learning from the past 
  • Why perfection is a facade 
  • Living a life of self-reflection and purpose 
  • Doing the work to discover your truths

If you’ve been listening to my Take The Lead episodes, thanks for joining me. It’s been a great experience for me to reread the book, so I hope it’s been meaningful for you too. To find out more about Jennifer, go to www.jenniferklepper.com

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