109: How to Shift Your Focus From Weight to Wellbeing with Elizabeth Harris


Have you ever felt discouraged by dieting? 

Many of us have been there. We are unhappy with the number on the scale so we start restricting and dieting in hopes that we will reach that magical number that will make us feel happy and worthy. 

Diets detract from our health and wellbeing in a different way. Instead of being fully present and in the moment with our loved ones, we are in our heads worrying about our diet. There’s a lot of negativity and guilt that comes with that and it makes it hard to just enjoy your life. 

In todays’ episode of Leading Lady, I sat down with Elizabeth Harris to talk more about the harmful aspects of dieting and the impact of intuitive eating. 

Elizabeth Harris is a dietitian and Intuitive Eating counselor. She’s passionate about empowering women to find food and body peace with Intuitive Eating and body image healing. 

By shifting the focus weight to wellbeing, Elizabeth helps women stop dieting and start living. Her motto is “self-care, not self-control.” Because food is meant to be enjoyed, movement should make you happy, and we’ve all got better things to do than count carbs! 

Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Southern California. She loves to hike, garden, read, and travel the world—hitting every farmers’ market along the way.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The harmful effects of dieting and diet culture
  • Why food doesn’t have a moral value
  • How to enjoy all foods 
  • Why the goal with intuitive eating isn’t weight loss
  • What body image healing is about
  • Why focusing on weight loss keeps us stuck
  • What weight neutral is
  • Why the BMI system is so flawed

Giving up dieting doesn’t mean that you are giving up on yourself or your health. It means that you are putting your health and happiness first. The world outside of dieting is really rich and fulfilling! You just have to have the courage to make the leap. 

If you are interested in getting off of that dieting roller coaster and trying something new, make sure you check out Elizabeth’s free mini-course: How To Break Up With Dieting For Good. 

You’ll learn the biology, psychology, and stats behind why dieting doesn’t work and why it is setting you up for failure. You’ll get some actionable tools to reflect on your own dieting history and dip your toe into the diet-less world. 

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How to Break Up with Dieting For Good mini-course

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