23: How to Strengthen Your Relationships Using Active Constructive Response Style


What are you doing to strengthen your relationships with others? One of the most enriching experiences of life is creating strong relationships with the people that are important to us. That is why relationships are such a large focus of my work with many of my coaching clients. 

One fascinating tool that we often use for strengthening relationships is in regards to a person’s response style.   

Tune in to learn what response style is, the types that people fall into, and which type is the most beneficial to strengthen YOUR relationship. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Indicators of a good relationship 
  • Why it’s important to observe how your partner responds to good news 
  • What active constructive response style is 
  • The four classification types of response style
  • Which of the classification styles is most healthy 
  • Examples of how you can practice a healthy response style
  • How to show up happy for others even when you are struggling inside
  • What studies showed about people who practice active constructive response

After listening to this episode, I challenge you to become more aware of your current response style. Then, intentionally work toward using an active constructive response style more often. You just may find that this helps to promote more intimate connections while you strengthen your relationships in the process. 

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