111: How To Write Your First Book with Camille Campins-Adams


Is it time to write your first book?

I honestly feel that everyone has a book inside of them. We all have our own unique experiences that we have learned from and by sharing our story, we can help the next person in line. Writing a book can help you leave a legacy for yourself so that others can learn from you.

In this episode of Leading Lady, I sat down with Camille Campins-Adams, one of my Leading Lady Ambassadors, to talk about why (if you have been thinking about writing a book) there’s no better time than now to write one.

Camille is a bestselling author, author coach, and lover of books. She has a master’s degree in creative writing with a focus on nonfiction. While in grad school, she read and wrote tens of thousands of words per semester and loved every minute of it. Oh, and she did it all with two kids…ages three and under! She’s truly committed to what she does! 

Today, Camille lives in Tampa Bay, FL with her middle-school sweetheart, two boys, and baby girl.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How everyone has a book inside of them
  • How sharing your story helps others
  • Why sharing your mistakes to help others is a huge gift
  • How to get started writing your book
  • The importance of having the right mindset when writing a book
  • How cathartic writing can be

I hope this episode inspired you to take the leap and start writing that book! Anything worth having is going to take effort. 

Writing your book is likely to be very challenging, but it is so worth it. From my experience, it is an incredibly powerful and cathartic process that helps you to work through your unique experiences and lessons to make a huge impact. 

If you are ready to get started, you should definitely check out Camille’s free mini-course. In You’re a Writer, Start Writing, Camille helps you get in the right mindset, get in a good writing routine, and step into the role of a writer. 

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