112: Rediscover Your Sensuality and Sexuality by Healing Your Pelvic Floor with Julie Blamphin


Do you suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction? It can look like stress incontinence, painful sex, or abdominal separation, and it can be an embarrassing problem to talk about. Many people assume this is normal at a certain point in their life, but it is not. 

When left untreated, it can lead to a disconnection from your sexual self, and this can cause serious isolation and anxiety. Your sensuality and sexuality as a woman is one of your superpowers, and you don’t have to just accept that it’s gone. 

Your pelvic floor muscles are a huge part of keeping this area of your life healthy and strengthening your pelvic floor is the first step to getting it back. In this episode of Leading Lady, I am joined by Julie Blamphin to talk about how to heal your pelvic floor in order to tap into your sensual and sexual self again.

Julie Blamphin has taught yoga since she was 12 years old. Now she empowers women to enjoy leak-free laughter and pain-free sex by stabilizing the core and pelvic floor. She is passionate about using movement and laughter to release the taboo around pelvic floor instability – which she believes is the key to rediscovering your sexy joyful self.

Unlike other Yoga Teachers, Julie combines physical yoga poses with a laughter practice and emotional connection. She values vulnerability, courage, positivity, and feeling sexy at every stage of life. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How disconnecting from your sexual self can lead to isolation and anxiety
  • The importance of learning to be sexual in all the phases of life
  • Why you need to practice being sensual and sexual 
  • How pelvic floor dysfunction impacts sexuality
  • How we hold shame in our pelvic chakra and how yoga can help
  • How to know if you have pelvic floor dysfunction

Just because pelvic floor dysfunction is common doesn’t mean it’s normal. You don’t have to accept defeat and live with this disconnection. There are ways you can work on your pelvic floor, improve its strength, and get your sexuality back. 

If you are interested in learning more but aren’t sure where to start, make sure to check out Julie’s Pelvic Floor Discovery quiz. This will help you find clarity on the state of your pelvic floor and the next steps. 

Want to talk to Julie directly? Book a call with her to share your story and come up with a plan of action to get your pelvic floor healthy and functioning again. 

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Rediscover Your Sensuality and Sexuality by Healing Your Pelvic Floor with Julie Blamphin
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