8: How To Elevate Your Success by Learning from Your Network


Oftentimes, people look at networking groups as just a bunch of leads they need to convert or people to get referrals from. How about you? Do you see the value of joining a group or a forum? Today I will be covering how to elevate your success by learning from your network.

There is a greater reason why you should join networking groups: for learning. Many of us didn’t go into entrepreneurship armed with degrees in business, marketing or management. Discover how being in a community of like-minded professionals brings us so much more than merely a place to promote our business. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The purpose of joining networking groups
  • Ways you can learn from your network
  • Why I limit asking for referrals to once a month in my group
  • Why entrepreneurship could be lonely
  • Working in your business vs working on your business
  • The roles you can take in a networking group

I hope this episode helped you see networking groups through a fresh pair of eyes. Beyond closing a sale, these platforms can be our go-to place when we desperately need help, a place where we can be heard and understood, and a venue where we can share our experiences and learn from each other’s mistakes.

In closing, I encourage you to not only use your networking groups, meetings and forums to drum up business, but also to go in with a curious mind and ask questions. Share your experiences and connect with other professionals so that you can learn from each other and pull your strengths and skills together to help each other become the best versions of yourself as leaders and entrepreneurs.

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