13: Overcoming Unimaginable Hardship To Living a Life Full of Positive Mindset with Cheryl Pace


How do you overcome negative thoughts that are holding you back? Will you come out of quarantine better equipped to face those thoughts head-on?

This week I was lucky enough to sit down with the oh so inspiring Cheryl Pace and find out how she keeps a positive attitude through unimaginable hardship. Cheryl found her passion for massage therapy after experiencing a life-altering horse-riding accident at only seventeen years old.

In true Cheryl fashion, she used this as an opportunity to learn how to help other people experiencing pain like hers.

Find out how she quickly climbed the ranks in her industry at such a young age, and later how she was able to expand a business while dealing with debilitating illness by choosing to surround herself with positive people. Join me as she shares her secrets to a more positive mindset and perspective. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The spinal cord injury that launched Cheryl down her career path
  • The value of a positive mindset and perspective
  • The story behind how she found herself running a multimillion-dollar business at nineteen years old
  • Growing through adversity
  • The life-changing words of wisdom of a dear friend and neighbor
  • What it takes to successfully expand a business
  • Saying no, and putting yourself first
  • What you can do to get through a hard time

We all have the tools to improve our lives, but sometimes we need someone to show us how to use them. Thank you for joining me as I asked Cheryl to do just that. She reminds me that good people are all around us, and they are there for us to lean on when we need them. How can you uplift others during this pandemic without being there for them physically? What advice of Cheryl’s might you use? I’d love to hear your ideas so be sure to reach out on Instagram.

Reach out if you have any questions related to starting a community, whether in-person or online.  I love connecting and serving each one of you! 

See you here next week! 



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