47: Tips for Supporting Your Aging Loved One With Dementia with Winsome Brown


From a young age, we are told to do well in school, go to college, get married, buy a home, start a family, and so on, but we often forget that as we get older, our parents do too. It is inevitable, and it is something that we don’t often think about or plan for.

A lot of us are in an in-between stage of life where we are raising our children while we are caring for our aging parents, so we often look to caregivers to ease some of the challenges and overwhelm.

In this episode, I am chatting with Winsome Brown about senior care – specifically for those with dementia.

Winsome Brown is the co-founder of Lean On Dee Senior Care Advocates. She is a certified dementia life coach, a certified senior advisor and holds certifications from The University of Michigan Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice. Winsome was called to serve when she struggled to find suitable care for her mother when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This realization helped her create Lean On Dee’s dementia check-in service, an at-home cognitive stimulation program that promotes and helps to maintain cognitive abilities in adults living with dementia.

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss: 

  • How dementia affects the brain
  • The four different types of dementia
  • What qualities to look for in a caregiver
  • Examples of common dementia behaviors
  • Tips on communicating with someone with dementia

The most important takeaway from this episode with Winsome is to remain patient, become educated and make a plan for your loved one with dementia. These things will help you find the peace of mind you need knowing that they are happy, safe and well cared for.

Resources Mentioned:

Lean On Dee Website

Facebook: Lean on Dee

Instagram: Lean on Dee

Alzheimer’s Association

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