42: Improving Pet Health: How Sue Delegan Turned Her Passion Into a Business


If you have spent any time listening to my podcast or as a member of the Leading Lady facebook group, then you know how much I love my dog. Pets are such an important part of a family and make life just so much better. Improving pet health is something that I am passionate about.

I’m super excited to chat with a guest today that feels as strongly about animals as I do. Sue serves as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brutus Broth, Inc. Sue is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and has a strong background in marketing and business. Before launching Brutus Broth, Sue co-founded and served as President of Ilios Dairy Brands, LLC, a dairy company focused on offering an innovative and natural alternative in the dairy segment. The Ilios’ Greek Yogurt Butter was lauded as a “Top New Products” by Supermarket Guru in August 2012 and as a “Rising Star” in Specialty Foods Magazine in November 2012. Prior to launching Ilios, Sue spent 10 years as a fundraising and strategic marketing professional in a variety of non-profit organizations. She focused on major giving ($10,000+), endowment gifts and planned giving. She played a key role in securing gifts from Individuals, Foundations and Corporations as well as handling all Media Relations.

Listen in to our chat about how her passion for pets led them to create the Brutus Bone Broth brand and why good nutrition is so important for pets as well as people. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How Sue got started with making bone broth 
  • Why improving pet health is so important 
  • The healing properties of bone broth
  • The symptoms of leaky gut syndrome in dogs
  • Tips for breaking into a new market as a business 
  • How Sue has overcome adversity in her life and business 

Whether you are looking to build a passion into a business or you want to learn how to take care of those precious animals of yours, I know you will find so much value in today’s episode so I hope you tune in! 

See you here next week.


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