53: Navigating Menopause with Lori Yacobi


Does it frustrate you that there is a lack of information available to women about menopause?

You’re not alone. Many women feel like strangers in their own body when they start to experience some of the symptoms associated with menopause!

In this episode, I am talking to Lori Yacobi, a menopause health coach, about navigating this tricky time in a woman’s life.

Lori Yacobi refers to herself as a menopause navigator! After being blindsided by her symptoms and feeling alone, she spent 5 years studying it and is now dedicated to helping others navigate. Through her coaching and courses, she arms women with knowledge and provides them with a toolkit of solutions, to support their best health throughout the transition and the many years beyond it.

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss: 

  • Myths of menopause
  • What perimenopause is
  • An overview of common menopause symptoms
  • What you can do to improve your symptoms
  • The importance of managing nutrition, sleep, movement and stress

I hope this episode with Lori encourages you to get the support you need and learn even more! Menopause is not something that you should be struggling with.

Resources Mentioned: 

Website: My Menopause Navigator

My Menopause Navigator Facebook Page

My Menopause Navigator Facebook Group

Menopause Basics Mini-Course: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The XX Brain by Lisa Mosconi PhD

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Navigating Menopause with Lori Yacobi
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