175: Take The Lead: Chapter 12


What does it really mean to be resilient?

Over the last 12 episodes, I’ve been reading one chapter a week from my book, Take The Lead. If you’re just tuning in, you can go back to Episode 163 to start from the beginning of the book, or you can listen to each episode as a standalone. 

You’re joining me now for the final chapter and this one is all about resilience. 

The truth about resilience is that it’s more complex than just bouncing back after a traumatic event. It’s about taking time to learn from your mistakes and building rest and recovery time into your schedule so that you can perform at your best. Resilience is a lifestyle, not a momentary reaction. 

Hit play on this episode and together we’ll take a deeper dive into the true meaning of resilience. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What resilience really is 
  • The danger of comparison 
  • Why resilience is about more than just how you respond to trauma 
  • Giving yourself and others space to process emotions 
  • The importance of prioritizing rest 
  • The power of being able to change 
  • Why it’s okay to take time to recover after being knocked down in life 
  • The most important things I’ve learned about resilience

As I re-read this chapter, I’m realizing that there’s something beautiful about ending the book with rest. It really is true that resilience and rest go hand in hand. I encourage you to take inventory of your needs and do what you need to do to meet those needs. Build rest into your schedule and provide yourself with the fuel that you need to be resilient. 
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