168: Take The Lead: Chapter 5


Are you holding onto any values or beliefs from your past that you no longer feel aligned with?

It’s okay to let go of old beliefs or change them to reflect what you value now. That’s something I’ve learned throughout my life and career and it’s what we’re talking about in this episode. 

You’re joining us in the middle of my book Take The Lead. I’m reading one chapter a week here on the podcast, and this week we’re on Chapter 5: Change Your Shirt. You can listen to each chapter individually as standalone episodes, or you can go back to Episode 163 to start from the beginning of the book.

This chapter covers my experience taking over a childcare business as a young mother, the challenges I faced during my early days in business, and the lessons learned that made me a better leader. We’re talking about standards and expectations, identity, the characteristics of an effective leader, and being willing to change your beliefs as you learn and grow. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Standing up for your values 
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome 
  • Creating your own rules as a business owner
  • Overcoming insecurities and other people’s judgments 
  • Being willing to change and grow 
  • How you choose to interact with others
  • The secret of successful collaboration
  • How to build a great team 
  • Why you should help other people succeed 

As a young business owner, I learned how I want to show up as a leader, a wife, and a mom, but even before that at my very first job, I developed values that would stay with me forever. Some of them have changed over the years and others have stayed pretty much the same. I want you to think back to your first job and your work ethic. What life lessons have you pulled from those experiences or modified to shape your leadership role today? 

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