169: Take The Lead: Chapter 6


How do you feel about the concept of hustling?

We’re fed the message that we need to hustle, hustle, hustle if we want to be successful, but maybe that’s not really true. 

Here on the Leading Lady podcast, we’ve been reading one chapter a week from my book, Take The Lead. This week we’re reading Chapter 6: The Cult of Hustle. You can listen to each chapter individually as standalone episodes, or you can go back to Episode 163 to start from the beginning of the book.

As we talk about better alternatives to the hustle in this episode, we’re exploring things like your belief systems, your “why,” and your values. Discovering yourself and your true values will bring you more success than hustle culture ever could. Don’t believe me? Tune in. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Understanding your belief systems
  • The “why” behind your actions 
  • How you want to show up vs. how you actually show up
  • The relationship between your business and your passion
  • Why we glorify the hustle 
  • The art of rest and recovery 
  • Why hustling doesn’t work 
  • Inviting more balance into your life 
  • How to be a good leader of yourself 

I hope I can convince you to avoid getting sucked into the cult of hustle, and if you’re already in, I’ll help you out! I get it, there’s a time for hustling, but as you learn to embrace the seasons of business, you’ll realize that you can’t hustle forever and you shouldn’t have to! 

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