16: The Power of Coaching with John Neral


Are you looking to uplevel your business or your life in ANY area? If so, there’s most likely a coach to help you with that! Why are so many people choosing to hire a coach, and is this something you have considered yourself? 

In today’s episode, you can listen in to my conversation with a dear friend and fellow coach, John Neral, about the power that is available through coaching. 

John is an experienced career and executive coach, as well as the author of Show Up: Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career. 

In our conversation, we discuss the essential questions you should be asking yourself if you are considering whether coaching is right for you. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How to identify who your ideal clients are
  • Tips for attracting your ideal clients to your coaching business
  • 3 Questions to ask to determine your core values
  • Why coaching is not a quick fix
  • Examples of intangible wins you can gain from hiring a coach
  • The real power available through coaching
  • The questions to ask yourself to decide whether to hire a coach
  • The most important thing to determine if you’re considering coach certification

Whether you are looking to hire a coach or thinking about becoming a coach yourself, I hope this conversation between John and I has given you some guidance in your journey. 

Reach out to me on Instagram @leading_lady_coach and let me know what you thought about this episode! I would love to know if you are thinking about adding coaching to your business.



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Show Up: Six Strategies To Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career by John Neral 

IPEC Coach Certification


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