2: Entrepreneurship: The Real Cost of Success


When you look at successful entrepreneurs’ branding images, it’s natural to think that they got everything their way, they had it easy and were probably an overnight success with their perfectly coiffed hair, and polished outfit. True? Far from it!

In this episode, let’s learn one simple truth: Entrepreneurs who endured the test of time and reached their goals paid the price of success. What did success cost for them and what were they willing and not willing to lose? Are you ready to make those same sacrifices and compromises?

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What branding photoshoots are for and are you falling for it
  • Why comparing yourself to others is never healthy
  • The hard work and risks that successful entrepreneurs are willing to take
  • What compromises some entrepreneurs are not willing to make
  • What to do when you start feeling that your business owns you

I hope this episode will bring you inspiration and move you to take action. Just remember that everyone pays a price. You just have to decide what price you are willing to pay. 

Listen in as we get real and see beyond the perfect photoshoots!

That’s all for today. I will see you all here next week! 



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