3: Meet The Leading Lady in My Life: An Interview with My Mom


I’m so excited to have my first interview on the podcast! She’s the first leading lady in my life, none other than my mom, Consuelo Thomas.

Consuelo, or lovingly known as Ching, is from the Philippines, married my dad, and moved to the states in 1986. What should have been a major culture shock, Ching turned into opportunities. Learn how helping others actually helps you, what having an abundant life really means, and why constant self-reinvention is key to true happiness.

Listen in and discover the woman who inspired me to be the leading lady I am today.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The life of a military wife
  • Being proud of our Filipino roots
  • Our love for learning
  • Making the most of opportunities
  • Finding your strength through loss and grief
  • Being happy from within

I thank my mom for raising us the way she did. Ching is proof that you can face adversity and challenges with a lot of beauty, grace, strength, and perseverance as well. I hope this episode gives you an insight into some of the fundamental qualities a true leading lady possesses.

This is such a great interview and this is just the beginning!

I will see you all here next week! 



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