66: Tips for Fostering Positivity and Connection with Sara Corckran and Erin Baldecchi


Do you think the pandemic strengthened or weakened your ability to create positivity and connection with others?

In today’s episode, I am talking to Sara Corckran and Erin Baldecchi from Happy YOUniversity all about positivity and connection.

Not only are they fellow coaches and certified in positive psychology, but they are very dear friends of mine, so I am excited to share this conversation with you.

Happy YOUniversity’s mission is to transform school communities by empowering faculty through bite-sized, relatable, science-based tools for resilience, positivity, and connection. They provide professional development that is both personally transformative for faculty and readily applicable to the classroom. This results in teachers who are primed to teach and students who are primed to learn.

Not only do they teach science-based tools of positive psychology in bite-sized and actionable steps but they foster connection like nobody’s business. By empowering faculty, staff, and parents to maximize their own well-being, they transform schools from fine to flourishing.

Sara Corckran and Erin Baldecchi are both educators with more than 40 collective years of experience in schools. They love schools and the transformation that happens with the tools that they teach.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • The value of true connection
  • How the pandemic changed our connection
  • Looking or creating bids of connection
  • How to pay attention to bids that you make
  • The difference between how men and women see bids
  • How to take a proactive approach to nourishing connection

I love the reminder that we need to have connections many times a day in order to keep light, love and warmth in our relationships, and this goes for all relationships! It could be with your partner, kids, friends, etc.

Make sure that you are thinking about how you can nourish the relationships that are really important to you a little bit at a time every day!

If you enjoyed this conversation and want to hear more from Sara and Erin about positivity and connection, follow them on social media and check out their programs!

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