60: Where and How You Can Travel Safely in 2021 with Kirstin May


Are you itching to travel as much as I am?

I think we are all ready for a getaway after last year, so I think you will love this episode with Kirstin May, owner of Clearscape Travel.

In this episode, Kirstin is breaking down where and how we can travel safely in 2021 domestically or internationally.

Clearscape Travel was created by Kirstin May. Kirstin’s true love for travel propelled her to share her passion to help clients explore the world. An avid cruiser and traveler, Kirstin has visited many destinations worldwide.

Her significant travel knowledge and extensive destination training allow her to recommend the finest hotels, resorts and cruise lines in the industry for destinations around the world. Her partnership with Signature Travel, a network of over 6,000 travel professionals established more than 50 years ago, helps her deliver the best value to her most discerning clients, as well as access to one-of-a-kind experiences.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How COVID affected travel plans
  • The easiest destinations for travel this year
  • COVID restrictions and protocols in different countries
  • COVID testing and recommendations for travel
  • Where you can’t travel right now
  • The benefit of using a travel adviser and getting travel protection
  • Resources to find protocols
  • Tips for traveling safely

I can’t wait to get back to traveling again! 

If you are ready to travel safely in 2021, definitely reach out to Kirstin! It is so helpful to work with a travel advisor, and it is a great way to support them especially after last year!

Be safe, follow protocols and have fun!

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