59: The Six Steps To Happiness At Any Age with Dr. Roz Levbarg


Did you know that there is a scientific model and theory for happiness?

It’s called PERMA-V!

In this episode, I am joined by the amazing Dr. Roz Levabarg, and she is walking us through PERMA-V which outlines the six steps to happiness at any age.

These include positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, accomplishments or achievements and vitality.

Roz Levbarg is a professional speaker and life coach who works with professional women in midlife who feel unappreciated and overlooked at work now that they’re older than many of their coworkers. She shows them how to become the best version of themselves so that they can create a newfound sense of purpose, fulfillment, and financial security. She believes that as women, we can be exceptional at any age. 

In a previous iteration, Roz was a university professor and occupational therapist, fulfilling professions which inform her coaching. For fun, she enjoys flower arranging and hanging out with her grandkids.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How our thoughts and self-talk influence our positive emotion
  • The effort you need to make to avoid spiraling negative thoughts
  • What the flow state is
  • The healing value of relationships and physical touch
  • The importance of finding the meaning of an experience
  • Finding joy in accomplishment or achievements
  • Why vitality is a key to happiness

We are all looking for long-lasting happiness, especially in this crazy time we are living in!

I encourage you to take Roz’s advice and think about PERMA-V the next time you find yourself in need of more joy and happiness.

Remember, the best, most effective and fastest tool to feel happier is to do something for someone else.

Resources Mentioned:


Becoming Ageless in Midlife: The #1 Mindset to Adopt Right Now (scroll to the bottom of this page!)


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