4: Knowing Who Your Ideal Clients Are and How to Attract Them


Just when you thought you’re closing a sale or onboarding a new client, he or she suddenly backs out. Frustrating? Definitely! But does it mean failure on your part? No way!

In this episode, let’s talk about knowing who your ideal clients are and how to attract them. Learn the right mindset when offering your services and why you shouldn’t apologize for your rates.

The last thing you want is to be working for a client for months or years only to realize that it’s not a good fit.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Why some clients might not be a great fit 
  • How to identify your ideal client
  • Why you should pre-qualify your clients
  • Setting boundaries with your clients
  • When not to chase clients
  • What to do with clients that don’t fit with your business

Just remember that not everything that comes across your line is meant for you to reel in. You need to be very discerning about who you’re working with and make sure that it’s a good fit.  This is very important for your business, your brand, and for your own mental health. 

Be sure to catch this episode!

I will see you all here next week! 



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