135: How to Stop Food Policing Thoughts and Make Better Health Decisions: A Podcast Takeover with Elizabeth Harris


Have you ever felt guilty for eating something that you thought you shouldn’t? Or do you ever think things like, “I can’t have sweets, they’re bad for me,” or, “I shouldn’t have carbs because they’ll make me gain weight?” 

In intuitive eating, we call these the food police. They’re essentially these thoughts that we all have swirling in our heads about what we’re supposed to eat. It’s like our own inner judge and jury that tell us whether the food we are eating is good or bad. 

Have you ever wondered where exactly they came from? The truth is that a vast majority of the time, they come from diet culture and they are not helping us! They come straight from weight loss companies that are selling diets or meal plans or other people trying to make money off of us. 

In this episode of Leading Lady, we are doing another podcast takeover with Leading Lady Ambassador Elizabeth Harris! She’s a registered dietitian and intuitive eating counselor with a virtual nutrition practice. She empowers women to find peaceful solutions to food and nutrition without dieting or stressing about the scale with intuitive eating and body image healing. 

Elizabeth is diving into the topic of food police and “shoulding” all over your food choices. We are human and there is so much more to our health and well-being than the food we eat or how much we exercise. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • What the food police are
  • Where our thoughts about food come from
  • Why things like sugar, carbs, and dairy aren’t bad like everyone says
  • Why food policing doesn’t work
  • The harmful types of thinking

It’s so important to become aware of the voices in your mind. How often are the food police showing up for you? What kinds of thought patterns do you have around food and movement choices? Are these thoughts enhancing or enriching your life? 

Awareness is the first step of change. You cannot change something that you’re not aware of. If you want to learn how to challenge the food police and make peace with food or you want to learn how to practice gentle, flexible, and sustainable nutrition, make sure to join Elizabeth’s Facebook community!

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How to Stop Food Policing Thoughts and Make Better Health Decisions: A Podcast Takeover with Elizabeth Harris
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