37: Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns


Recently, I launched a new product in my coaching business. It was exciting and yet a little nerve-wracking to put myself out there by doing something new. After the launch, I began to get feedback about a typo found in one of my new product emails. It wasn’t a big deal, but it did make me stop to think. Do we as queens fix each other’s crowns or knock them off each other’s heads?

It caused me to reflect on how we interact with one another. We often point out mistakes to others because we want to be helpful, but is it really helpful or not? 

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss: 

  • How making mistakes in business feels so vulnerable    
  • Why you have to allow for error when you are human 
  • The reason you should resist pointing out others mistakes
  • What the point of being a leading lady is
  • Why no one wins when you expect perfection of one another 
  • How to give feedback with kindness     

This experience gave me an opportunity to think about how I respond to others, the feedback I give, and whether my intention is to empower women. I hope this episode gives you the same opportunity for reflection. Leading ladies are queens, and queens fix each other’s crowns.

Resources Mentioned: 

Confronting Confrontation: Finding a Diamond in the Rough Conversations Digital Course

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