85: Secrets to Finding Joy and Creating Your Own Path to Success with Beth Nolan


Is your work aligned with your joy?

It is so important that we stand in our authenticity and do the work that lights us up. 

In this episode of the Leading Lady podcast, we are chatting with Beth Nolan about finding your joy, creating your own path to success, and building a business that fits the needs of your family. 

Beth knows a thing or two about finding success in the work you love. She used her knowledge of the education system and created her own business, Education Team Allies, to ensure that children are receiving the educational support necessary to meet their goals.

Since 1999, Beth has worked in a variety of roles within the educational arena. During this time, her passion for ensuring that all children have access to educational environments that meet their unique learning needs has gained greater depth. 

Beth has her Masters in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University and is a certified special educator in the state of Maryland. Additionally, she has experience as a school administrator where she facilitated the academic support services for a charter school. 

Beth also has leadership experience from her roles as a district-level administrator in Maryland and lead project manager consultant. Over her lifetime, she has worked within a variety of settings always looking to ensure that a collaborative approach was taken to meet a shared vision. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Being fearless in charging what you are worth
  • Finding joy in the work that you do
  • Standing in your authenticity
  • Learning from others to find your passion
  • Comparison culture
  • How to set your goals so you’ll succeed
  • How to measure your own success
  • Building a business that fits the needs of your family

Beth is such a great person to talk to about finding your passion and creating the business of your dreams. Remember, finding joy means being intentional about the work that you do and making sure that it’s in alignment with your authenticity.

I hope that you feel inspired by this conversation and love listening in as much as I loved having the opportunity to talk to Beth!

For more from Beth, visit her website ad follow along with her on social media! All of her links are below!

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