84: How to Ditch Imposter Syndrome and Start Achieving Your Career Goals with Melanie Mitchell


Have you ever let imposter syndrome influence your career decisions? If so, this episode is for you! 

When planning out our careers, it is easy to get so caught up in the little things that you get frustrated and feel like you aren’t making progress. Looking at the bigger picture and focusing on your long-term goals is so important if you want to move forward. 

In this episode of Leading Lady, we are chatting with Melanie Mitchell about how to achieve all of your career goals and live a more fulfilling life. 

Driven by a deep desire to help people find meaningful and fulfilling work, Melanie draws heavily from 18 years of recruiting and staffing experience to her Career & Life Coaching Practice. She brings an innate knowledge of the market of having spent her entire career where her success was determined by her ability to help her candidate get hired! 

Focused on providing a clear structured framework, now as a Career Coach she works to help her clients better understand themselves and make better career decisions. Melanie’s experience spans multiple industries and individuals that have experience from college graduates to C-Level Executives across the United States. 

Within this pursuit – she brings an honest and direct approach that allows her clients to push beyond their comfort zones while holding them accountable in executing the steps needed to get them to where they want to go! 

She views her role as a partnership and leverages it while showing her clients how to market their unique self and mitigate market liabilities. Because of this approach, the idea of,” I can’t…and won’t” does not play a role here and it requires all parties to be candid and committed, in short, “doing the work,” to allow you to find your purpose and achieve success in reaching your goals. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Imposter syndrome
  • How to avoid fixating on minor details and focus on the bigger picture
  • Creating an action plan
  • The importance of stretch goals and dreaming big
  • Perfectionism in the workplace 
  • The importance of having a career plan
  • Being your own biggest cheerleader

Melanie has so much experience and wisdom to share on the topic of career growth. I really enjoyed chatting with her, and I hope you got just as much value out of our conversation as I did!

If you are ready to move forward in your career, check out Melanie’s free career journal by visiting her website! There is a form that will deliver it directly to your email!

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How to Ditch Imposter Syndrome and Start Achieving Your Career Goals with Melanie Mitchell
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